How to Choose a Radio-controlled Aircraft?

Dreams are necessary for a person as much as air… And the dream of air, sky, the feeling of free flight is inherent to everyone. Probably, this desire originates in childhood. Remember how you schoolboy folded planes from sheets of paper, launched kites, threw a homemade glider from the roof or just flew in your sleep. Sometimes a child’s dream is embodied in the form of flights by plane, hang glider, hot air balloon and even parachute jumps! But is there any way to make it a reality less extreme? If you have visited the site of the online store “Planeta Hobby”, you are close to solving it! We will not only tell you about it, but also teach you how to choose planes on radio control!

Go up to the sky, staying on the ground!

For All

What is a radio-controlled airplane? It is a toy that you can send to the sky and control its movement from the ground with a remote control. At the same time it can perform complex piloting figures and tricks: twist the barrel, enter the corkscrew, make a dead loop. Signals from pilot to aircraft model are transmitted by means of infrared radiation or radio waves. You can choose a radio-controlled aircraft, which can shoot and broadcast video of your flight, then you will be able to see in real time the view of the earth from the bird’s eye view.

Airplane options on radio control


The purpose of the aircraft with the control panel is very diverse: from a fascinating children’s game to performances in sports or stunts disciplines. Before you decide which radio-controlled aircraft to choose, you should familiarize yourself with the main types of these models:

  • Training
  • Pilots
  • Copy (Models for trophy)

For beginners


For beginners who are just planning to master the world of aircraft modeling and want to get the first skills of piloting, it is better to use inexpensive and understandable in the management of high-planes training aircraft. The upper position of the wing (directly on the fuselage or above it) makes them more manageable. In this case, they are able to demonstrate good speed and maneuverability. The flight of the model is carried out by the power of a high-frequency electric motor or an internal combustion engine. Radio-controlled glider models also belong to this category. The range of such aircraft is very wide: they can have analogues among real aircraft or are designed specifically for training flights, so you will not have problems where you can buy an aircraft on the control panel.

Low-planes models

Low-planes models (with a lower wing position) have a more complex design, are suitable for various maneuvers and are designed for model-athletes. For their diversity and magnificence, they are called “air acrobats” and “stuntmen of the sky”. Only experienced modelers, real aces of their business, can afford to manage such models. Pilot aircrafts do not have to be similar to real aviation equipment, the main thing is that their power, maneuverability, speed and aerodynamism are enough for all pilot experiments. Therefore, in this class are very popular models such as the flying wing.

Pilot aircrafts

Pilot aircrafts simulate real aircraft control in the best way. If you still have doubts about what to do: choose a radio-controlled aircraft or play on a computer simulator, we recommend you to make a choice in favor of real, not virtual sky. Acute emotions, deep concentration and true delight are provided for you.

Models for trophy

Models for trophy – Copy models are the most interesting for those who value not only flight capabilities, but also the aesthetic appeal of the model. In this class you can find highly detailed replicas of civil and military aircraft. They follow all the forms, sizes, proportions and colors of real aircraft. Of course, the flight characteristics of such models are not at an altitude: do not demand dizzying pirouettes or extreme speed. On the other hand, such models attract attention due to their realism. Many copies can boast such chips as: airborne lights, landing gear release, parachute braking. Special attention should be paid to the military copies of the legendary fighters, attack aircraft and bombers of the Second World War.

Jet capability

Jet Craft

For an aircraft to take off, it needs a powerful, high-quality and durable engine. Models with internal combustion engines, popular at the dawn of aircraft modeling, are gradually losing their relevance, giving way to more modern, perfect and efficient collectorless motors. Flights on such models allow you to fully enjoy the performance of aerobatics figures and dangerous maneuvers. For the ordinary man, the plane with an electric motor will be the golden mean between expensive models with a collectorless system and capricious in the maintenance of internal combustion engines.

It is up to you to choose which radio-controlled aircraft. We will compare the main advantages of all systems:

  • Electric. They are easy to maintain, work well regardless of the weather conditions, not too loud, can be used not only in the open air, but also in enclosed spaces. They are safe enough to fly around the apartment or be a toy for children.
  • Gasoline. They demonstrate a longer time in flight and are easy to refuel. They behave very realistic. The same pull at the beginning and end of the flight.
  • Models with jet engines have the most complex structure and are found mainly in the professional circle of aircraft designers. They can stay in the sky long enough without losing their energy efficiency. When choosing such an aircraft, you should be ready for the impressive size and huge power. The behavior of such an airplane in the sky is practically the same as that of real aircraft.

Where can I buy an airplane on the Control Panel?

Summing up, we can say that the main criteria to focus on when deciding which radio-controlled aircraft to choose is its purpose. If you want to please yourself or your child with an interesting toy, pay attention to the models with an electric motor for beginners. If you have more serious intentions than simple fun, want to surprise your friends with aerobatics figures or have already acquired the first flight skills, take a look at the acrobatic technique section.