Airplane For a Beginner. How does the Passion for Heaven Appear?

Aircraft modeling has no age. The first model can be obtained at 6, 36, and even at 96 years old! The main thing is to have fire in the eyes and excitement in the soul from just watching someone control the model soaring in the sky.

Airplane For a Beginner

All specialists and experienced pilots agree on the same opinion: training radio-controlled planes are the best option, allowing a beginner to master the basic skills of piloting! And that is why:

  • Comprehensible and obedient control
  • Minimal setup and maintenance costs
  • Optimal aerodynamic shape of the upper plane (upper wing location) for resistance to air masses and planning.
  • High degree of safety (even the child can be trusted with the remote control)
  • Full set, maximum flight readiness. For the first launch you practically do not need to buy anything.

What is a trainer plane?

These models are called so because of clear control, quick adaptation of the pilot, the ability to start flying after a minimum preparatory process and enough obedient behavior in the air. Airplane coach on the radio control has an upper wing location, strong structure and low center of gravity.

Trainer plane

To lift a radio-controlled training plane into the sky, it is enough to pass a few exercises on a simulator. In addition, the models with a convex, V-shaped upper wing is well planned and are able to stabilize their flight, which reduces the risk of accidents even during the modeler’s mistakes.

What to do when choosing the first aircraft on radio control?

It is categorically not recommended to choose an aircraft on radio control for beginners, guided by the aesthetic appeal of the model, its external data, rather than technical characteristics and flight capabilities. Surrendering to the temptation to buy a beautiful replica or pilot model, you risk crashing it at the first launch. Because they require certain skills from the pilot, they have specific controls. Radio-controlled aircraft models for beginners must meet the following requirements:

  1. Engine power

Among training radio-controlled aircraft there are versions with an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. Beginners are advised to choose the latter option. Motors with electric drive are almost silent, less susceptible to temperature changes and do not produce exhausts. However, a decrease in battery charge leads to a reduction in thrust and the engine power from start to end of flight may be reduced. The model with internal combustion engine imposes additional costs on its service and maintenance: from fuel purchase to cleaning of fuel and lubricant residues. For a beginner, such procedures may not be a pleasure. And you will have to pay more for an aircraft with an internal combustion engine.

  1. Flight Stability

The aircraft must have a stable flight with low speed. It is not a question of engine characteristics, but of the aircraft’s ability to easily plan on air mass flows. The main condition for this: the ratio of wingspan and model weight. Large aircraft plan better, but to launch them will require a special platform. Small ones can be launched even in an apartment, but they may be capricious in management. As the first model we recommend the models with the wingspan from 90 to 120 cm.

  1. Strength and quick repair capability

No beginner can do without falls and collisions at the first attempts to control the aircraft in the air. That’s why all manufacturers make training models from strong and high-quality materials and protect them from mechanical damage. At the same time, the price remains the most affordable. You will be very surprised to learn how much a plane on the radio control costs for a beginner.

The result:


So, let’s sum it up. Airplane on radio control for a beginner should be: the upper plane with a wingspan of about 100 cm, made of foam or its varieties, with an electric motor installed, in full configuration.

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